Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Blue Monarch

Turns out, I've been on a bit of an insect kick. Perhaps it was the summer season. Or maybe it's just that we live in the country and are constantly surrounded by bugs.

Let me veer off on a tangent for a moment and just share this right here:


That, my friends, is a caterpillar. He has shaggy fur-hair that reminds me of pipe cleaners. I found him eating our milkweed late in the summer. After much research I learned that he is (very appropriately named) a milkweed caterpillar.

But back to my latest painting.

Oil on board

This, along with the praying mantis I just finished, have been fun little paintings. I don't normally work on these smaller sizes but somehow I've accumulated quite a few of these small canvases. They are perfect for painting little insects like this butterfly :)

I also did some experimenting here with the board. I've had issues using store-bought boards in the past where they seem to absorb the paint inconsistently. So before starting, I coated the board with gesso... which I've never used before. I'm amazed by how smooth the surface was! Almost too slick. But I do like the effect it has and I can see preferring the appearance over canvas for certain projects.

So why did I choose blue? No good reason except that, as I stared at my paint options, blue seemed more fun than orange.