Friday, July 29, 2011

Miniature Polaroid Magnets


During last week's heatwave Meatball and I spent a lot of time in the basement to keep cool. Browsing through blogs, I stumbled up this Polaroid magnet idea from Ambrosia Girl and thought it was adorable! What a cute thing to pepper the fridge with! And so began this project.

I graciously used the Polaroid template on the website and got started.


The longest part of this project was probably selecting pictures to use. I also, for some reason, convinced myself I needed twenty of these little magnets. (A few didn't make it to the end.)

After printing out the pictures, I pretty much followed the instructions on the website verbatim. I even glued the pictures onto the back of old sketchpad, since I have plenty lying around. The other super tedious part was cutting out all the pictures with an X-Acto knife. It could have been that mine was just dull, but it took forever. And my edges weren't the best. It was at about this point that I regretted, for the second time, printing out 20 photos.

Finally starting to resemble the final product. The edges on the board were painted with a white paint pen:

And lastly, after the paint dried, I "laminated" with packaging tape. Here's the final bunch!

And here they are, doing their job on the fridge:



  1. I hope I made the fridge somewhere!

  2. this is great for kids pics...too bad mine are grown. a st. bernard doesn't fit on a stamp!!!

  3. walsh- i'm working on yours ;)

    chip- if meatball's big head can fit, i'm sure your dog could fit too!