Thursday, August 23, 2012

Keys, Keys, and More Keys

It's a fun day when you get to go to Lowe's and buy a new door lock. Then ask the key guy to make you eight new keys. He then makes a comment about how you must have a big family.

After a solid five minutes of key making you feel bad and scale back your order. You also realize your new lock already comes with two keys! It's like you won the lottery.


Did I mention we moved? 

Naturally new houses call for new door locks. Among the chaos of packing, keeping the house super tidy, etc. I forced a crafty project on myself. Why buy those generic key covers when you can spray paint? Enter Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.


At the time the color choice seemed like a good idea. Afterall, they would match the metal of the new door hardware.


Of course hindsight is always 20/20 and I probably could have gone with a bolder color. These are sleek though. Classy and sleek.

As for our old keys, I decided to make a keepsake out of one of them... because I'm attached and emotional like that. I had seen this idea awhile back on Pinterest. (Here is the link to the actual blog.)

Sure, a map could have been cute too.

And here is my little creation.


That purple image/sketch-looking thing in the background is our house. I played around with a photo in Photoshop then applied my favorite filter: Poster Edges. It was meant to blend in to the background a bit. But also be... well... relevant.

I should also clarify that this is clearly the husband's key as I am not a die-hard Ravens fan. Shame, I know.

Monday, August 13, 2012

My Everything Room

My humble little everything room. When we first moved in we called this the fun house room because most of the walls were not straight. They were bowed. Or slanted. But definitely not straight. But that issue was remedied by Mr. Colorful Engineer. He's so handy.

Now there are a lot of possibilities in this little basement space. If nothing else it keeps all my arts and crafts junk from being scattered around the house!


I've got a good corner set up for painting.


I've got my computer corner for those digital projects. Also good for killing time on Facebook. There's a sewing nook for those random sewing projects. (Meatball's vampire costume reins as my greatest sewing success to date.) And then there's room for everything in between.



Temporarily my Everything Room has been packed up. I know. It's really a sad state of affairs. Every time I feel like whipping out a paint brush my plans are quickly derailed.


It's okay though. My room is only being relocated. And soon I will be back in business! 

My paintbrushes await me.