Thursday, November 19, 2015

Painting the Purple

ravens-to post
Oil on canvas

I finished up another one.... probably my last painting of the year. I started this painting earlier in the year... like March/April... and never finished. 

So, obviously there's a Raven's theme going on here... the raven... the football... the purple.

But I actually painted this with something else in mind. For the past couple of years I've walked in the PurpleStride to raise money for pancreatic cancer. The walk in DC is usually around the June time frame. Purple is their color. My original intent was to sell or raffle off the original painting or do something to raise money. But then I had a conflict and couldn't do the walk this year. So then the painting never got finished. Until just a few weeks ago.

I'd still like to keep my plan. Even if it's a year later. So once I get my act together and figure out what I want to do, I'll post about that. Stay tuned.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

A Portrait of Toy Cars

I finally finished up M's painting!
toy cars- to post
Completed 2015
Oil on Canvas
I had no shame hanging it unfinished in his room, but it is nice to finally finish. All that's been lingering was the window for the bus. I first posted about his painting back in September. I think ultimately it took me about three months. For some reason I initially thought things would go much faster. But let's be honest... they never do. I can remember making fun of my mother for projects that would seemingly last her forever. Now I completely understand :)

I guess next up I'll owe a painting to the baby girl. But I figure I have at least two years before I need to worry about that :)

I'm on a bit of a streak here finishing up projects, and even have another painting that I've finally finished and signed. (That will be three for the year!) Pictures of that one will be coming sometime soon.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Baby Girl's Argyle Nursery

Continuing with the room decorating....


I think I'm about done with the nursery. Like everything else, it's been a work in progress. This weekend we bought replacement hardware for the crib hardware that we lost. So from a functional standpoint, the nursery is now ready to go! And tonight my butterflies arrived. Mike rolled his eyes. I however was super excited and hung them immediately :)

DSC_0041-r I

I do have a couple details to clean up still. Like finding some art for the picture frames on the ledge. Not a big rush though. The pictures of Baby M are still cute :)


I didn't really have any plans going into this project. All I knew was that I wanted to keep the original argyle pattern but change out the colors.

Here's a little before and after:

DSC_1042-r DSC_0045-r

I also decided to get rid of the accent wall:

DSC_1046 DSC_0035-r

From there I found the hot air balloon idea on Pinterest (of course). Then saw the world map print on Etsy and thought it was a good match. You know... hot air balloons... travel... maps...



So that's that.
I have at least one fan...


Thursday, November 5, 2015

A New Room for the Big Boy

I finally finished the car painting!! But I haven't taken pictures yet so instead I'll share pictures of M's big boy room.

It feels like I just finished decorating the nursery for him. It's hard to believe it has been more than two years! And now we have moved our little guy into a big boy room. <tears>

With the impending arrival of baby #2 we decided to move M out of the nursery and into the former guest room. And luckily we had already painted the guest room a blue color, so the move didn't involve much painting :) (I'm patting myself on the back for that one.) I did end up painting a white border along the ceiling of the room. The room doesn't get much sun during the day so I thought this would lighten things up a bit.


As you can see I've already hung the car painting. It's actually not quite complete in these pictures but I was using it as a place holder.


It seems like this transition took a couple months. Between moving out the guest room furniture, painting, acquiring a bed, and adding some accessories it took me awhile. I'm moving slowly these days...


The dresser was recycled from me. It's actually a piece that I bought second hand about two years ago. We decided that rather than buying the kid new furniture we would finally buy ourselves some adult bedroom furniture :) Actually a lot of things in this room are recycled. The dresser. The bed we got from M's cousin. The orange side tables are recycled and painted Ikea tables. And the little desk and rocking chair came from M's grandparents. Pretty much the only thing we moved out of the nursery was the rug.


And what's a room without a tribute to our favorite dog breed? 


I bought the print from Etsy and had it printed. The only thing missing is a blue eye ;)

Up next is the new nursery. Then I can take a break from redecorating!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


A few (many) months ago I embarked on an effort to start getting my paintings professionally scanned. They were starting to accumulate so I decided that I needed to do something with them. I found a semi-local place that does an excellent job scanning and color correcting.


Its an ongoing process. I've only gotten four scanned so far. But I'm a slow mover. It's pretty fun to see copies though!

After this little project I started reading about printing options. One thing led to another and I decided to upload some of my work onto a print on demand website because, why not? And because who wouldn't want a picture of Meatball on a throw pillow? :)

So I'm happy to announce that I now have prints available through Fine Art America. Here's the link to my profile page:

For those who enjoy my random paintings, prints are available in various sizes but pretty much limited to no bigger than the original. 

Fun, right? 

I've also added a "Shop" page to my blog main page. 

If you haven't heard of Fine Art America before, there is a TON of art available on the site. So at least enjoy the window shopping :)

Saturday, September 5, 2015

New Painting for the Kid

Back before M was born I had false expectations of how much free time I'd have after he was born. When I was working on his nursery I left a blank wall for a future painting. Silly me. That wall is still bare two years later.

Luckily things have calmed down a bit since the newborn stage and even since he turned one. And I'm managing to do some painting again. I'm finally working on a painting for M. I'm actually kind of happy that I waited. Instead of painting him something that I thought he might like, I'm painting something that I know he likes: cars. Or as he calls them, "trucks."

Car portrait

This is a portrait of four of his toy cars. They are all different sizes in real life but I've scaled them so they are roughly the same size in the painting.

Here are a few more progress shots:

Car portrait

Things aren't feeling quite as daunting now that I've made some headway on the police car. I may actually finish this year :) Of course this will probably never hang in M's actual nursery. We'll be switching him to a new "big boy" room in the next couple of months.

Car portrait

If you're interested in more frequent updates, I've been posting them to my new Instagram account.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mushroom Trio

I've been trying to get back into painting. The last painting I had done was the pair of golden retrievers back in 2012. More than two years ago! This was all prior to M being born. After he turned one I think I started getting the hang of things and adapting to life with a child. Yes, it took a year. Actually, who am I kidding, I'm still adapting.

But around March I decided I really needed to get back to doing some of my hobbies. So I resolved to 1) start running again and 2) start painting again. I'm happy to report I've been pretty successful at both! Since March I've been pretty good at setting aside some time in the evenings for painting. Not every night. And not very much time. Usually I just work for about an hour. But hey, its something! I'm actually working on my third painting of the year. (More pictures to come.) Not bad considering I've always been a pretty slow painter to begin with.

Around April was when I finished my first one. This little group of mushrooms:

Completed 2015
Oil on Canvas

If I'm being honest, this painting came about because I, on a whim, decided to pull out my painting supplies and need a quick subject. So I raided the fridge, and found mushrooms :) I always have produce on hand.

And that's how it began. Hoping to keep this up.

*** UPDATE: prints available here ***

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

New Instagram Account

So... I've been pretty terrible at posting anything here lately. But I have been working on stuff! Just in short spurts. Usually between the hours of 9-10pm when the child is in bed. After everything from the day has been cleaned up and everything for the next day has been readied. Of course some days just involve plopping down in front of the tv and doing nothing.

I decided to start an official Colorful Engineer Instagram account to post progress pictures when I am actually working on something. It's much easier than posting to the blog :) You can follow me @colorfulengineer.


I am hoping to get better at posting here too. But we'll see. Baby steps.

Friday, March 20, 2015


Oh hey there. I'm a month shy of it being a year since my last post. Yikes! I don't care what anyone says... life gets super busy after having a kid. Projects are far and few between but I do manage to work on some things occasionally.

And I managed to do a painting! That will be the next post.

For now, my silhouettes of the kids...


I actually finished these a few months ago but hadn't gotten them printed. My initial plan was to do the whole family. But... well... 2 out of 4 isn't bad. I think I'll just keep them as the kids. Nobody cares about the parents anymore anyways!

The exciting part about these is that I actually had them printed on art paper which is something new for me. Obviously you can't tell this through the screen. I uploaded my images to and ordered prints through the website. They turned out pretty good actually. I'll have to keep them in mind in the future.