Monday, August 29, 2011

Top 5 Meatball Photos

I am procrastinating here before getting started on one of my least favorite activities: paying bills. Of course Meatball is hanging out, which got me browsing through some pictures. We got an SLR shortly after getting Meatball. And I'll be honest, 90% of my pictures are of him. So here's a rundown of my top 5 9 favorite pictures. Keep in mind these are only SLR pictures (post-puppyhood). He was equally awesome as puppy. But those pictures are for another day...

#9 This was back when the vent was his favorite place to hang out.

#8 Looking serious and pensive.

#7 He could totally be a superhero, right? The answer is yes.

#6 Just a good portrait. It really captures his blue eye and tiny baby teeth.

#5 Close-up.

#4 This is how work gets done around here.

#3 Such a good sport! ...being locked out of the house and all.

#2 Only a year old and already a grumpy old man.

#1 My fave. Lounging in the grass.

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