Friday, September 16, 2011

Deep Creek in Pictures

This past weekend Mike and I spent a few days at Deep Creek, Maryland with his family. The tropical storm had made its way out by Friday afternoon so, despite the torrential downpour during our drive up, it turned out to be a beautiful weekend!

The opening NFL weekend also gave me some time to fiddle around with my camera. (Not that I dislike football. But I DO like to multi-task.) I found some great photography tutorials via Pinterest (wish I had bookmarked those) and learned quite a bit in three hours. I at least now fully understand the aperture and shutter speed relationship. Did I have my white balance set to incandescent while out at the waterfalls? Yes. Oops..

Lots of sunset pics. My overall goal in this one was to capture the duck.

What good fortune. A duck AND a boat!

Swallow Falls


I was really a fan of these tree roots, but I don't think this photo did them justice.




Mmm.... roasting hot dogs on a campfire.


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