Sunday, October 2, 2011

Charming Your Guests

I just went to one of the most delightful bridal showers I've ever been to. It was very non-traditional, which I very much enjoyed. There was no awkward opening of gifts or silly games. (The games were fun and consisted of mad libs and blind wine tasting.) Just lots of eating, mingling, and some drinking. Like the song actually: ", drink, and be merry."

For the party favors, they had a make-your-own-wine-charms station. So fun! And I will definitely use these. I did, however, forget to be social for the 20 minutes that I sat making my charms. I was extremely focused.

My creations:

My one complaint is that the dim lighting made me think that the beads on my leaf charm were green. Clearly, they were not. Oops. Oh well.


  1. yay!!! so glad to read this! I love your wine charms. The dim lighting definitely made it hard though. I dropped a lot of beads haha (I'm pretty sure one even went into my great aunts wine glass - oops)

  2. i had a great time at your shower sienna! very worth sharing :)