Monday, August 13, 2012

My Everything Room

My humble little everything room. When we first moved in we called this the fun house room because most of the walls were not straight. They were bowed. Or slanted. But definitely not straight. But that issue was remedied by Mr. Colorful Engineer. He's so handy.

Now there are a lot of possibilities in this little basement space. If nothing else it keeps all my arts and crafts junk from being scattered around the house!


I've got a good corner set up for painting.


I've got my computer corner for those digital projects. Also good for killing time on Facebook. There's a sewing nook for those random sewing projects. (Meatball's vampire costume reins as my greatest sewing success to date.) And then there's room for everything in between.



Temporarily my Everything Room has been packed up. I know. It's really a sad state of affairs. Every time I feel like whipping out a paint brush my plans are quickly derailed.


It's okay though. My room is only being relocated. And soon I will be back in business! 

My paintbrushes await me. 



  1. I absolutely love that "to the windows to the walls" sign.

    1. haha i should have known you would. mike doesn't appreciate it so much!