Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Possibly My Greatest Accomplishment Ever... wedding favors. Yes, that's right. This is going to look crazy for a second, but this is everyone who came to our wedding:

IMG_1669IMG_1668 IMG_1666IMG_1667

These photos were taken in haste the day before our wedding. As were individual portraits of each.

Like this.

And this.


And this.


Actually, THESE portraits have been cropped. So there is no carpet background or occasional limb of mine.

This is me taking 120+  pictures in haste.

I really disliked wedding planning. But these personalized wedding favors were something I knew I wanted to do from early on. And so starting sometime in January (for our August wedding), I tracked down pictures of all of our guests and got to work. The generic male/female bodies made things a bit easier. What I worried about most was offending someone with their portrait. Of course, there were also a few people who I had never met in person. I totally relied on their photo being an accurate representation of themselves.

So I'm on a mission now to crop all of the individual pictures and make some sort of "cool" collage. (Better than what was slapped together above.) One of those photo collages that look like a picture of something from far away would be awesome. Not that I know how to do that.

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