Friday, April 13, 2012

Maryland-themed Art

Recently we went through a one week period where things seemed to be breaking everywhere. The shelves in the pantry where collapsing. We had flying ants in the house. And my decorative shelves in the living room fell off the wall.



It was very sad. There was a lot of broken glass.

Rather than go out and buy new shelf decorations (Mike calls them knickknacks) I thought I'd make do with what we had around the house. Then I decided to make something. You can catch a peak of our Baltimore painting hanging on that wall. So sticking with the theme, I decided to make some Maryland-inspired art.

Quiz: What wildlife makes you think of Maryland?

Answer: Blue Crab, Baltimore Oriole, Black-Eyed Susan

I don't think the Blue Crab is officially anything to Maryland (except an awesome meal), but the other two definitely are: the state bird and state flower!

So I found some pictures of each online and began cheating tracing.


I wanted some fun, bright colors for this. I considered going with a solid background, but decided instead to be a little more crazy. Either probably would have turned out just fine. And I even kind of like how they look when the design is just outlined.



After a bit more coloring, here is the set.

Marylandpaintings copy

When they stand up the crab picture is a little unbalanced. I should have noted the poor craftsmanship before starting. Oh well.



So there we have it. Showing my Maryland pride yet again.