Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Garden Update

Can I be honest? I enjoy having our little garden. But there comes a point around late summertime when the garden creeps me out a little bit. The plants start to get unruly. The tomato plants get huge and take over the yard. And then there's the bugs. I hate bugs. And spiders. I hate those too.

This past weekend while I was out watering the plants I was noticing how nice the garden was looking! The plants are still small enough where they are remaining in their designated little areas. No crossing of boundaries. No dead veggies in the yard. You know, that sort of thing.



Okay, the lettuce looks a bit crazy Yet plentiful!


This year we also tried spicing things up a big with a trellis. A trellis for green beans! Those little vines amaze me- how they manage to find their way around.

And just for completeness here are our potted herbs. Recall we went the potted plant route for easier access. I'm pretty happy with that decision. Meatball has also finally learned to not eat the herbs, so that's a plus.


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