Monday, April 9, 2012

Garden 2012

In addition to it being Easter weekend, this was the weekend we decided to start our garden and do our yearly landscaping. Once a year our front yard looks awesome. Then, slowly, we forget to water things, weeds start sprouting, and we give up.

But once a year our yard looks like this: fresh flowers! It's a little hard to see, but those are fresh flowers and mulch under the tree.


Now for a street view.


Every year we seem to try out a new annual. This year we planted a bunch of marigolds. I mean they are every. Where.


And I'm well aware that they smell terrible, but I don't care. I hear that they repel mosquitoes, which is really what I was after. I had pinned this handy article on Pinterest and they were the only plants on the list I could easily find at Lowe's. So we'll see what happens.

As for our garden, our major accomplishment this weekend was weeding it. It was completely overtaken by weeds. Anyone else have those weeds that seem to shoot seeds when you touch then? After weeding, we mixed in some manure and hummus (which seemed to work awesome last year) and planted some spring onions, spinach, and lettuce. No pictures, unfortunately, since, the garden is still a heap of dirt.

We'll save the tomatoes and peppers for when it gets a tad warmer. We have the seedlings going in our kitchen and Mike has been diligently tending to them.

Instead of planting herbs in the garden again, we decided to change it up and use pots on the deck this year. Last year the herbs got so devoured by the tomato plants that the basil was the only one that really took off. So hopefully we have better luck with pots. Plus, by being on the deck they are easier to access. You know, instead of taking that grueling walk down the deck stairs!


And last but not least, our new tenant. This guy has been building a nest under the deck. He's woven a piece of balloon and ribbon into a nest, which leads me to believe he's a party animal. Plus he's got some tasteful decor.



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  1. I need to start my garden!! I'm doing the potted herb route too. Cross your fingers...