Saturday, September 5, 2015

New Painting for the Kid

Back before M was born I had false expectations of how much free time I'd have after he was born. When I was working on his nursery I left a blank wall for a future painting. Silly me. That wall is still bare two years later.

Luckily things have calmed down a bit since the newborn stage and even since he turned one. And I'm managing to do some painting again. I'm finally working on a painting for M. I'm actually kind of happy that I waited. Instead of painting him something that I thought he might like, I'm painting something that I know he likes: cars. Or as he calls them, "trucks."

Car portrait

This is a portrait of four of his toy cars. They are all different sizes in real life but I've scaled them so they are roughly the same size in the painting.

Here are a few more progress shots:

Car portrait

Things aren't feeling quite as daunting now that I've made some headway on the police car. I may actually finish this year :) Of course this will probably never hang in M's actual nursery. We'll be switching him to a new "big boy" room in the next couple of months.

Car portrait

If you're interested in more frequent updates, I've been posting them to my new Instagram account.

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