Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mushroom Trio

I've been trying to get back into painting. The last painting I had done was the pair of golden retrievers back in 2012. More than two years ago! This was all prior to M being born. After he turned one I think I started getting the hang of things and adapting to life with a child. Yes, it took a year. Actually, who am I kidding, I'm still adapting.

But around March I decided I really needed to get back to doing some of my hobbies. So I resolved to 1) start running again and 2) start painting again. I'm happy to report I've been pretty successful at both! Since March I've been pretty good at setting aside some time in the evenings for painting. Not every night. And not very much time. Usually I just work for about an hour. But hey, its something! I'm actually working on my third painting of the year. (More pictures to come.) Not bad considering I've always been a pretty slow painter to begin with.

Around April was when I finished my first one. This little group of mushrooms:

Completed 2015
Oil on Canvas

If I'm being honest, this painting came about because I, on a whim, decided to pull out my painting supplies and need a quick subject. So I raided the fridge, and found mushrooms :) I always have produce on hand.

And that's how it began. Hoping to keep this up.

*** UPDATE: prints available here ***

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