Thursday, April 26, 2012

Herban Garden

We had some intense rain this past weekend. It just so happened that said rain downpoured shortly after we had just transplanted our seedlings to the garden. We were nervous for our seedlings. They are not very big. And they look fragile. But turns out they are surprisingly resilient.

DSC_0186 (2)
Green bean sprout

We are coming up on a week later, and everything still looks alive. Hooray!

To celebrate my blossoming green thumb I decided to make some herb labels for the potted herb garden. My seed packet labels (shown here) got drenched, soggy, and not pretty. Turns out I've had a packet of small wooden garden stakes sitting in my craft room since last year. Keeping things simple, I painted them white and labeled with my trusty patio paint.

DSC_0183 (2)

I was going to spray on a quick coat of sealer for added protection but quickly got lazy. The stakes cost me probably about a $1 plus change, so the less time spent on this little project the better. Frankly, I won't mind if they only last me one season.

I'm all about function, and they have one job.

DSC_0185 (2)

DSC_0184 (2)

Confession: that mint plant was the one plant we bought this year. That's why it looks so hearty next to the small sprouts of basil. It's a crazy variety of mint: orange mint! We haven't tried it yet, but I'm pretty excited about it.

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