Thursday, November 5, 2015

A New Room for the Big Boy

I finally finished the car painting!! But I haven't taken pictures yet so instead I'll share pictures of M's big boy room.

It feels like I just finished decorating the nursery for him. It's hard to believe it has been more than two years! And now we have moved our little guy into a big boy room. <tears>

With the impending arrival of baby #2 we decided to move M out of the nursery and into the former guest room. And luckily we had already painted the guest room a blue color, so the move didn't involve much painting :) (I'm patting myself on the back for that one.) I did end up painting a white border along the ceiling of the room. The room doesn't get much sun during the day so I thought this would lighten things up a bit.


As you can see I've already hung the car painting. It's actually not quite complete in these pictures but I was using it as a place holder.


It seems like this transition took a couple months. Between moving out the guest room furniture, painting, acquiring a bed, and adding some accessories it took me awhile. I'm moving slowly these days...


The dresser was recycled from me. It's actually a piece that I bought second hand about two years ago. We decided that rather than buying the kid new furniture we would finally buy ourselves some adult bedroom furniture :) Actually a lot of things in this room are recycled. The dresser. The bed we got from M's cousin. The orange side tables are recycled and painted Ikea tables. And the little desk and rocking chair came from M's grandparents. Pretty much the only thing we moved out of the nursery was the rug.


And what's a room without a tribute to our favorite dog breed? 


I bought the print from Etsy and had it printed. The only thing missing is a blue eye ;)

Up next is the new nursery. Then I can take a break from redecorating!